Our team

This is our team. While we operate with a small core, we are connected to innovators, consultants, designers and complexity thinkers all over the globe. This way, we remain flexible and can always design and re-design our own teams depending on what our clients need.

We usually respond to emails asap, but feel free to just drop us a line on LinkedIn (personally or via the company page) where we also hang out a lot. Other interesting things via Clubhouse and other platforms coming soon.

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MMSc, Innovation architect

Theresa is the head of PSI and has worked in and around project management, complexity thinking and sustainable innovations for several years now. She is the mastermind behind the PSI visualisations and blueprints that help her clients design smart and successful projects.


Innovation Wild Card!

Chris has founded the original PSI and spent over 30 years facilitating change and asking killer questions, from small start-ups to colossal global operation. His experience in all things business and consulting blends in seamlessly with the new paradigm of Innovation Architecture, so that PSI's clients always get the best for their projects.

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