Because of the interconnectedness of complexity, we are usually engaged in several projects at a time. Some are ripe for decision, others still exist in a wild pile of sticky notes on our brainstorm wall. But most of all - there's always something interesting we can share with you!


Between all of us collaborating on different ACT projects, we do facilitation, project management, teaching innovation, science communication, and there’s a rumor some of us even know how to podcast.

If you have a project you want to work on, or are interested in a more tailored complexity thinking workshop, just drops us a message. There's always something interesting to do!


The Eco Warrior Bootcamp is designed as an interdisciplinary 20 credit module for universities, either fully online, or as a flexible online/offline hybrid.

It follows a holistic approach through systems theory and complexity thinking, with cutting edge content, teaching and delivery.

Eco Warrior Bootcamp

A better normal is a new 3-part workshop series about the challenges & opportunities of achieving a more sustainable & thriving future - both individually and collectively.

It is fully online and by using interactive technology it remains hands-on and allows the participants to proactively drive the outcome of the sessions to get the most promising results.

Challenged to

A better Normal